Season Three Episode Two: It’s Privileged.

December 10, 2017

Join Elizabeth and Kevin as they chatter they way through the past week's news including the hilarious news that Donald Trump Jr. thinks that attorneys are magic, cake wars over respect for the gay community and the fact that we have TEE SHIRTS!!!  Buy them!

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Season Three Episode One: It’s the Implication

December 3, 2017

It is Season Three-we start by talking about immigration, Project Veritas, then wander into singing about Nazis losing their jobs.  We also talk about that appalling tax bill. Very little is about Kevin's Peppermint Balls. Sorry!

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Season Two Episode Thirteen: Abortion Jokes

November 19, 2017

Listen to this week's podcast with guest Joshua Holland, who sounds way sexier than expected (i.e., he laughed at our jokes). The Ranters discuss with Joshua his article-linked below, abortion megaplexes, indictments, Medicare for All, and really bad New Yawk accents.

Joshua's Twitter: @joshuahol

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Season Two Episode Twelve: VICTORY IS SWEET

November 12, 2017

Join Kara and Elizabeth as they discuss the victories that were so sweet after so many months of the horribleness of the current administration and how hard they found 11/08/2017 after this past year of torment.

We are not recommending Donna's book so don't expect a link.  Instead, here's a much better book: Because the author offered us copies and with Elizabeth's book obsession...her family is mad she has to get another bookcase.


Season Two Episode Eleven: SIGN UP YOURSELF

November 5, 2017

Join Kevin (what again?) and Elizabeth as they listen intently to Charles Gaba (@charles_gaba) only to randomly interupt him with bizarre questions or jokes.  But the seriousness can't be underestimated, GET SIGNED UP FOR YOUR OBAMACARE. Only until December 15th because all Republicans hate non-rich Americans.


Season Two Episode Ten: Fresh Minty Packages

October 29, 2017

Join Kevin who is doing his third podcast in a row and Elizabeth who is back after visiting with the DNC in Vegas. They go over the bizarre eruption of scandal over perfectly legal opposition research, the DNC meeting, and the latest DNC lawsuit.  They also wildly speculate as to why the media is so gawdawful.  Enjoy!


Season Two Episode Nine: Where Were We?

October 22, 2017

Join Kara and Kevin in their first episode sans Elizabeth (who was busy attending the DNC meeting in Vegas). Topics include the DNC's Unity Reform Commission, the Women's Convention fiasco, and all manner of meandering tangents in between. 


Season Two Episode Eight: ¡Escándalo!

October 15, 2017

Join Kevin and Elizabeth for EXTEREMELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK episode about Republican sex scandals.

Keep calling Congress though: 202-224-3121.


Season Two Episode Seven: A Sober Reflection

October 8, 2017

Get serious for once with Kara and Elizabeth as they discuss the Las Vegas Shooting, access to women's health care and other sobering topics. It isn't all doom and gloom as they also read off some of the reviews and pester people for money to buy Kara a new microphone so she can stop recording in her bathroom.


Campaign Spotlight:


Season Two Episode Six: Volunteer Yourself

October 1, 2017

Join this week's ramble fest as Kevin and Elizabeth do NOT stay on topic AT ALL because they are just as pooped as the rest of y'all.

Candidates mentioned: