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Season Five Episode Eleven: 65 Women Approved of This Episode

September 16, 2018

The sound on this is off since Elizabeth made the mistake of using Chrome and messed up the recording.  Also trigger warning since we do talk a lot about the attempted rape allegations against a Republican nominee for SCOTUS.  This was recorded before the alleged victim came forward through a Washington Post article.

Season Five Episode Eleven

  1. Is Brett Kavanaugh a Sex Offender

    1. 65 Women Magically Appeared to Say No
    2. The problem with coming forward to accuse powerful men.
  2. He’s Flipper, Flipper, The Flippest Campaign Manager!
    1. Manafort’s plea and what it means
    2. Who’s next?
  3. Not Being Rocked Like A Hurricane
    1. Cheato’s 911
  4. Levi that broke
    1. The primaries

      1. Levi Sanders
      2. Cynthia Nixon
  • IDC went down

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