Humorless Rants Podcast

Season Five Episode Nine: Erik Loomis Visits A Humorless Grave

September 2, 2018

We had a guest who does Labor for the Labor Day weekend.  He was very earnest. Erik Loomis at @Erikloomis on Twitter.

Season Five Episode Nine

  1. Eric Loomis and Slavery

    1. NYTimes Op Ed
    2. Does this mean that Hillary owned Slaves?
    3. The return of strikes elsewhere
  2. Erik Loomis and Graves
    1. Weirdest Grave
  3. Erik Loomis and Book writing
    1. What book?
  4. John McCain Was Petty As Fuck
    1. Funeral One
    2. Funeral Two
    3. Funeral Three
  5. Mueller Plea Number 9

By his books:

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