Humorless Rants Podcast

Season Four Episode Eight: High Cohens and Misdemeanors

May 13, 2018

Listen to Elizabeth and Kevin spend forever and a day arguing about the Motion to Dismiss hearing in Paul Manafort's East Virginia District Court because they both are nerds with different views of the law.

Bianca had the day off otherwise we wouldn't be so boring. :D Elizabeth still would have used those bad voices.

Season Four Episode Eight High Cohens and Misdemenaors

  1. Law stuff

    1. Inappropriate Judicial ranting
    2. Michael Avenatti and his metaphorical bomb throwing
    3. DNC lawsuit against Russia and the weirdos who join it
  2. Elections and Consequences
  3. Democratic Men And the Endless Disappointments They Cause
  4. Campaign Spotlight

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