Humorless Rants Podcast

Season Seven Episode Eight: Computer Issues

April 7, 2019

Season Seven Episode Eight

  1. Campaign Fundraising Roundup-Elizabeth

    1. Kamala got the bank.
    2. White men drooled over white men.
    3. Andrew Yang got what?
  2. Subpoenas-Kevin
    1. You damn right the House is subpoenaing that shit.
    2. Barr is like “Imma let you finish but first.”
    3. Tax returns have been requested.
  3. Media finds out they were wrong.-Elizabeth and Kevin
    1. Did that stop any of them?
    2. Of course not.
    3. Glenn and Tracey, marriage made in Moscow
  4. Election Night Review-Bianca
    1. We flipped a seat in PA.
    2. We elected a gay Black woman in Chicago.
  5. Buttchugging and Anti-Semitism-Kevin
    1. Buttchugging is anti-gay.
    2. Demanding taxes promised for four years now is not Anti-Semetic.

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