Humorless Rants Podcast

Season Seven Episode Four: Ellis Is An Island Unto HImself

March 10, 2019

With Guest Bianca Substitute @chrisdameanor19!


Season Seven Episode Four

  1. Bigotry and How Republicans Can’t Even Vote Against It

    1. The origin of the problem.
    2. Why Republicans still suck even when we screw up.
  2. The Happy Ending that Won’t Be
    1. Cindy Yang
    2. Sex Trafficking by Republicans
    3. Which Republican was caught on video?
  3. HR 1: When Democracy Attacks
    1. Republicans are not happy about this.
    2. They think this means they will lose.
    3. They are correct.
  4. Manafort Sentencing
    1. Fuck off Judge
    2. What about Jackson?
    3. Is it true what he said?
  5. Chelsea Manning
    1. Drama Queen
    2. We still have contempt for her.
  6. Reminder, FINAL, about Las Vegas

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