Humorless Rants Podcast

Season Seven Episode Nine

April 14, 2019

Season Seven Episode Nine

  1. Maxine Drags A Man

    1. Not like Mnuchin had hair so she used his balls.
    2. He did not like that at all.
  2. Bill Barr Cover Up
    1. He is so bad at claiming that he is not covering up.
    2. Also he is bad at investigating.
    3. He’s bad.
  3. Representative Massie Is Attempting The World Record In Derp
    1. Remember, a Bachelor of Arts in Science is not a Science degree
    2. Did you know Massie went to MIT?
    3. It was during the “Anyone can buy a degree for $19.99. Plus shipping and handling” era apparently.
  4. Julian Assange, the Howard Hughes of Poop smearers.
    1. Julian is out of the embassy.
    2. The cat is okay. Was given away a while ago.
    3. The charge is kind of dumb.
  5. Illhan Omar Picked Us.
    1. So stop threatening her Cheato.
  6. Bernie’s taxes.
    1. Will we ever see them?
    2. Hahaha, no.
    3. We also mock his money currently.

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