Humorless Rants Podcast

Season Seven Episode Seven: Belated Musings

April 2, 2019

Season Seven Episode Seven

  1. The media overreacts to summaries

    1. They claimed he was exonerated.
    2. He was not.
  2. Glenn Greenwald and Michael Tracey
    1. The Dynamic Duo has no idea what is coming
    2. “We Won” but really didn’t.
  3. Mayor Pete Broke His Probation
    1. He wasn’t the only one.
    2. O’Rouke is showing his nimbleness
    3. Bernie is still canceled. As is Biden
  4. Wisconsin Supreme Court Race
    1. Gerrymandering was argued.
  5. Arizona sucks and here’s why!
    1. We had another sex scandal and this one is horrific

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