Humorless Rants Podcast

Season Six Episode One: Justifable Smugness

October 14, 2018

Season 6 Episode 1

  1. Arizona Really Is Crazy

    1. Hit pieces on Sinema
    2. That insane lit piece saying Sinema will cause nuclear war.
    3. Republicans commit federal crime, again.
  2. Voter Suppression
    1. Georgia
    2. Arresting Campaign Staffers
    3. North Dakota
  3. Democrats raise too much money, pundits wring hands
    1. Beto’s Amazing Haul
    2. Everyone else hauling in cash
    3. Republicans have a sad.
  4. Kevin’s Theories on Polls
    1. It really isn’t that stupid, we promise.
  5. Candidate updates from Campaign spotlight



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