Season Five Episode Eleven: 65 Women Approved of This Episode

September 16, 2018

The sound on this is off since Elizabeth made the mistake of using Chrome and messed up the recording.  Also trigger warning since we do talk a lot about the attempted rape allegations against a Republican nominee for SCOTUS.  This was recorded before the alleged victim came forward through a Washington Post article.

Season Five Episode Eleven

  1. Is Brett Kavanaugh a Sex Offender

    1. 65 Women Magically Appeared to Say No
    2. The problem with coming forward to accuse powerful men.
  2. He’s Flipper, Flipper, The Flippest Campaign Manager!
    1. Manafort’s plea and what it means
    2. Who’s next?
  3. Not Being Rocked Like A Hurricane
    1. Cheato’s 911
  4. Levi that broke
    1. The primaries

      1. Levi Sanders
      2. Cynthia Nixon
  • IDC went down

Season Five Episode Ten: Liar, Thief, Judge

September 9, 2018

Season Five Episode Ten

  1. Unjustified: Kavanaugh hearings

    1. The Ok Controversy
    2. Patrick Leahy Knows You Stole Things
    3. Kamala Knows What You Did
  2. Primary Upsets
    1. The one that was and wasn’t
  3. Papadopoulos sentencing
    1. 14 days
    2. Manafort plea deal
  4. Kobach and the Grand Jury
  5. Chris Hayes Steps in it

Season Five Episode Nine: Erik Loomis Visits A Humorless Grave

September 2, 2018

We had a guest who does Labor for the Labor Day weekend.  He was very earnest. Erik Loomis at @Erikloomis on Twitter.

Season Five Episode Nine

  1. Eric Loomis and Slavery

    1. NYTimes Op Ed
    2. Does this mean that Hillary owned Slaves?
    3. The return of strikes elsewhere
  2. Erik Loomis and Graves
    1. Weirdest Grave
  3. Erik Loomis and Book writing
    1. What book?
  4. John McCain Was Petty As Fuck
    1. Funeral One
    2. Funeral Two
    3. Funeral Three
  5. Mueller Plea Number 9

By his books:


Season Five Episode Eight: Guilty Guilty Guilty

August 26, 2018

Season Five Episode Eight: Guilty x 16

  1. Cohen Plea Deal

    1. Charges
    2. Presidential involvement
    3. Facing the music
  2. Manafort Verdict
  3. Hunter Indictment
  4. Russians Are Back
    1. Republican fuckery in Georgia and Kansas
    2. Russian hacking
  5. Kevin’s Screw Up

Season Five Episode Seven: We Miss Tom Petty

August 19, 2018

Season Five Episode Seven: Waiting Is The Hardest Part

  1. Law Stuff

    1. Manafort Trial

      1. Judicial behavior
    2. Padopolous jail time
      1. Failure to comply
    3. Primary Results
      1. What group does best?
    4. Royal Wedding
    5. Retaliatory Behavior
      1. Ohr, Brennen
      2. Strzok
    6. Don’t Trust Omarosa
    7. Bianca’s Book On Racism
      1. White People On Cake and Pie

Season Five Episode Six: Bianca’s Boo Boo

August 12, 2018

Season Five Episode Six

  1. Primary Dominance

    1. Washington
    2. Our Devolution
      1. Women Kick Men’s Ass
    3. Ohio
    4. Kobach’s Kansas
  2. Breaking the Law
    1. Judge Ellis
    2. Miller
    3. Collins

Bianca had a minor head injury but apparently is doing fine now.


Season Five Episode Five: Misandry Hour of Power

August 5, 2018

Join Bianca and Elizabeth as they ramble their way through a bunch of nonsense.  Really it is so much nonsense that they can't remember much of what they said. Oh, they did say that men suck.  But that's a given.

Spotlight is on


Season Five Episode Four: Manafort’s A Trial

July 29, 2018

Season Five Episode Four: Manafort’s A Trial

  1. News Roundup

    1. Mariia Butina
    2. Facebook’s Billion Woes
    3. Michael Cohen’s Midnight Records
      1. Should we make pecker jokes?
    4. Paul Manafort Trial
      1. Motion Practice
      2. Jury Selection
      3. Exhibits
      4. Witnesses
      5. Likely outcome?

Season Five Episode Three Part B: Rigging the 2020 Primary Against Bernie Sanders

July 22, 2018

That's right. We had guest Chris Reeves @tmservo433 on to tell us how the DNC is purposely rigging the primary against Sanders this time instead of by total happenstance in 2016 by *checks notes* not doing a fucking thing.

Season Five, Episode Three

  1. Peter Strzok

    1. Republicans
    2. Democrats
  2. Rigging the Primary
    1. How do you become a DNC member
    2. How do you become a Rules and Bylaw member
    3. How do you not punch Zogby in the face?
  3. Manafort misbehaving
  4. Campaign spotlight

Campaign spotlight is Chris's dear friend:


Season Five Episide Three Part A: Cheato’s Performance Evaluation

July 15, 2018

First 13 Russians were indicted.

Then there were 12.

And all right before Cheato's latest annual review by the boss!