Season Six Episode Eleven: Presidential Primary Follies

January 13, 2019

Season Six Episode Eleven


    1. The View, the Book, the Legend
    2. And the rest of the
  2. The Endless Shut Down
    1. The House Passes Everything
    2. McConnell is Cheato’s Bitch
  3. Presidential addresses
    1. Cheato’s sucked.
    2. Schumer and Pelosi
    3. Sanders sucks
    4. Stormy Daniels got more views
  4. FBI has decided to check to see if the President is a Russian Agent
    1. Nice of you to catch up with us NYTimes
  5. Weekend in Vegas

Season Six Episode Ten: Wherein Nancy Is Back

January 7, 2019

We celebrate Nancy Pelosi's return, I attempt to play way too many snippets, Bianca doesn't understand white people music, and a very poorly played Fuck, Marry, Kill with the latest crop of Presidential candidates.


Season Six Episode Nine: The Year In Review

December 30, 2018

We take a look back (while Bianca had a nap) of the century that was the past year.  There was quite a lot we missed.


Season Six Episode Eight: Breibart Columnists in Judicial Robes

December 16, 2018

Season Six Episode Seven

  1. The Women’s March’s Woes

    1. This was all self-inflicted.
  2. Nancy Schools Cheato AND Democratic Nit Wits
    1. First Cheato
    2. Then the Rebel Alliance
  3. Michael Flynn’s Sentencing Memos
    1. His was self-serving
    2. Mueller’s was “Bitch, Please.”
  4. That fucking ruling from Judge “I Don’t Know the Law”
    1. This was a really bad ruling.
    2. He knew it was so bad he didn’t even enjoin the law from working.

Season Six Episode Seven: And YOU Get a Sentence, and You!

December 9, 2018

All about the sentencing memos-first Mueller/Cohen, then SDNY/Cohen, then finally the pièce de résistance: Mueller/Manafort.  Much like Manafort, it was small and slightly disappointing.

Then we talked about Beto Stans and everyone's favorite-Bernie Bashing!


Season Six Episode Six: Insert Gay White Male Here

December 2, 2018


Season Six Episode Six

  1. Oh It Is On-the Stacy Abrams lawsuit

    1. Did she just smack their asses or what?
    2. Yes she did.
  2. Michael Cohen’s Truthiness
    1. New Plea!
    2. Cheato’s Fucked!
    3. Cheato’s Boss is MAD
  3. Manafort Is A Rug
    1. What happens when you LIE your ass off?
    2. While telling your co-conspirator everything?
    3. How many lives must a man spend in prison…
  4. The G20 Summit
    1. We aren’t saving the environment again.
    2. When your ex has a new bae
  5. Other Miscellaneous nonsense.

Season Five Episode Five: People Are Not Having Sex Here

November 25, 2018

Season Six Episode Five

  1. Don’t Come For Nancy Pelosi

    1. Seriously Don’t
    2. She will Fuck You Up
    3. Three ways to Sunday
  2. Final races that were called
    1. TJ Cox and the slow roll
    2. Maricopa County Board Power Grab
    3. Wisconsin Republicans
    4. Mississippi and Hyde-Smith’s White Lady Racism
  3. Ivanka’s Email
    1. Why You Can’t Lock Her Up
    2. For that Reason Anyway
  4. Why we shouldn’t impeach Cheato
    1. So we can win next time
    2. He can’t run against Clinton
  5. Random Nonsense

#BlueTsunami2018 B*tches!!!

November 11, 2018

1. The House Results

2. The Senate Results

3. The Propositions

4. The State Results

5. What the Fuck Florida?


Season Six Episode Three: Ghosting Our Way

October 29, 2018

We (okay, Elizabeth mostly did since she did all the research) rambled about nonsense involving ghosts that haunted various government buildings around the country.


Pardon on Bianca's sound, we couldn't figure out how to fix it so it broke Ed.  Sorry Ed.


Season Six Episode Two: Bianca and Elizabeth Do More Misandry

October 21, 2018

Season Six Episode Two

  1. New Pledges!
  2. Alaska, the Final Withdrawal
    1. Lt. Gov. Resigning
    2. Gov. Withdraws
  3. Lawsuits:
    1. Assange
    2. Arpaio
  4. Russian Interference
    1. Yet another arrest
    2. Manafort’s pathetic bid for symphony.
  5. Voter Suppression
    1. Georgia
    2. The most racist radio ad since the 1970s
  6. Weekend With Bernie
    1. South Carolina