Season Four Episode Nine: Crooks And Liars

May 20, 2018

Join the Humorless Trio and their special guest Karoli as they try to sort through the massive amount of news that was dumped on all of us last week.

  1. Yet more law stuff

    1. Cohen’s objection to pro hac vic
    2. The first criminal referral on Cheato
    3. ACLU Money Honey (Attorney Fees)
  2. Russia News Dump
  3. CAP Ideas Conference: A Special Report By Onsite Reporter, Kevin
  4. Houston Kidnapping
  5. Mastertweets Theatre

Season Four Episode Eight: High Cohens and Misdemeanors

May 13, 2018

Listen to Elizabeth and Kevin spend forever and a day arguing about the Motion to Dismiss hearing in Paul Manafort's East Virginia District Court because they both are nerds with different views of the law.

Bianca had the day off otherwise we wouldn't be so boring. :D Elizabeth still would have used those bad voices.

Season Four Episode Eight High Cohens and Misdemenaors

  1. Law stuff

    1. Inappropriate Judicial ranting
    2. Michael Avenatti and his metaphorical bomb throwing
    3. DNC lawsuit against Russia and the weirdos who join it
  2. Elections and Consequences
  3. Democratic Men And the Endless Disappointments They Cause
  4. Campaign Spotlight

Season Four Episode 7: Giuliani Your Way to Court

May 6, 2018

The Humorless Trio are extra ranty this week, including an extended rant on how best to kill the Republican Party. Topics nominally include the White House Correspondents Dinner, the Mueller Questions (which weren't really Mueller's questions), Cheato's doctor gets goon squaded, and Giuliani's meltdown!

Campaign Spotlight:


  1. White House Suck Up Dinner
  2. Mueller Questions & Presidential Theft/Subpoena
  3. Rudy Guiliani and the Confession that Rocked the Casbah
  4. Justice Delayed But Not Denied Bill Cosby
  5. Campaign Spotlight
  6. Mastertweets Theatre

Season Four Episode Six: Strike While Downtown Phoenix Is Hot

April 29, 2018
  1. Comey and Republicans Suck. Again
  2. Sean Hannity’s Lawyer
  3. Kris Kobach and Related News
  4. Teacher Strikes
  5. Campaign Spotlight
  6. Mastertweets Theatre

Campaign spotlight:


Season Four Episode Four: Anniversary Spectacular!

April 22, 2018

As promised, here is our special guest star superhero dude I bribed with $80 scotch to come on Jon Ralston @ralstonreports and the anniversary show! A whole week early even!

This was done in a hotel room so the sound isn't that great except for Jon because duh.  Also, one day! ONE DAY, Elizabeth @ahumorlessfem will remember to say Nevada right.  That day was not April 6th.

Where to send Glenfidditch to Ralston: message him on Twitter.



Season Four Episode Five: Not For the Birds

April 15, 2018

The Humorless Trio start talking about the tsunami of news that hit us. Elizabeth (@ahumorlessfem) is disgusting as normal, Kevin (@newcoolhandle) expresses his love for his bestie Bianca (@bravenakblog) and Melissa (@birdgirl1001) kept us on track.

Topics: 1. Cohen The Raided, 2. Testimony before Congress, 3. Ryan The Cowardly Speaker, 4. Comey the Fucking Traitor, 5.Melissa’s New Book, 5. Linda Jack for Florida House 36, 6. MasterTweets Theatre, 7. Bianca's AWESOME NEWS.



Season Four Episode Three: The Storm That Wasn’t

April 1, 2018

Humorless Trio indulge in their favorite pastime of Bernie Bashing for his decision and twitter gossip to start with.  Then they talk about the Storm that wasn't and Bianca shows her surprising knowledge of Cheato's NDAs.  They end the show by having a serious discussion on the issue of double standards for women in public after discussing Jennifer Palmeri's new book Madam President.

Meet up on April 7th!  Be there or be a retancular thing!  5-7 PM since Kevin and Elizabeth are going to go watch cortortions at 8 PM.

Campaign spotlight:

Jennifer Palmeri's new book:



Season Four Episode Two: Bolting for the Exit

March 25, 2018

The Humorless Trio start with the Senate polling numbers, make fun of Heller and McSally while insulting a branch of the US military. Then they jump right into the Illinois primary results including the disappointing loss of Marie Newman. After that they go over the federal nonsense going on with the omnibudget bill and the fact we are all going to die by the appointment of John Bolton.  We also found out that Bianca, a Black woman, is apparently a white supremanist as part of our Twitter Gossip since we all live on Twitter.  Then we make fun of our bad reviews while loving our nice reviews.

Campaign Spotlight:

April 7th Meet Up at Black Tap Burgers and Beer from 6-8


Season Four Episode One: But His Voicemails

March 18, 2018

The Humorless Trio started their latest season with a roar as they have Lisa Talmadge @lisatalmadge on for the first time.  They start with the latest review on iTunes, then the latest massive flip, Bianca and Elizabeth's attempts to sign up as the new Press flackies of Cheato's White House, Lisa's book and the Clintons' LGBT outreach, yet more lawsuits by Bill Moran with bonus end content, and all of the other nonsense that has happened in the past two weeks!

Lisa's Patreon:

Campaign Spotlight:

No idea what is up with the audio with the scratchy.  It may be the multiple people on.  Sorry about it.


Season Three Episode Thirteen: A Grate Donna in the House

March 4, 2018

Despite the annoying play on her name that Elizabeth (@ahumorlessfem) insisted on using, Donna Gratehouse (@donnadiva) joined the Humorless Duo in the season ender where they discuss everything from Arizona Politics to More Arizona Politics (CD08 Primary) to Sanders Lawbreaking (again) to What Fresh Nonsense are Republicans inflicting on us now? 

Campaign spotlight:

Who got the not even coveted Humorless Rants actual endorsement...because puppies.


Sorry about the scratchy noise with Donna-the program we use isn't perfect obviously.