Season Seven Episode Four: Ellis Is An Island Unto HImself

March 10, 2019

With Guest Bianca Substitute @chrisdameanor19!


Season Seven Episode Four

  1. Bigotry and How Republicans Can’t Even Vote Against It

    1. The origin of the problem.
    2. Why Republicans still suck even when we screw up.
  2. The Happy Ending that Won’t Be
    1. Cindy Yang
    2. Sex Trafficking by Republicans
    3. Which Republican was caught on video?
  3. HR 1: When Democracy Attacks
    1. Republicans are not happy about this.
    2. They think this means they will lose.
    3. They are correct.
  4. Manafort Sentencing
    1. Fuck off Judge
    2. What about Jackson?
    3. Is it true what he said?
  5. Chelsea Manning
    1. Drama Queen
    2. We still have contempt for her.
  6. Reminder, FINAL, about Las Vegas

Season Seven Episode Three: Xes Trafficking Billionaires

March 3, 2019

Elizabeth and Kevin babble on endlessly waiting for Bianca who comes on JUST as we start talking about billionaire sex trafficking.


Season Seven Episode Three

  1. Botox Bernie

    1. Is Russia paying for his botox?
    2. How long do you think it took for the plastic surgery?
    3. Why is he lying about being a Democrat?
  2. Kraft Magic Sex Trafficking
    1. What a horrible person
    2. Who is the bigger name?
  3. North Carolina Fraud
    1. John Harris actually followed the law
    2. Mark Harris shouldn’t run again
    3. But he will.
  4. Should we wildly speculate about the end of the Mueller probe?!
    1. Of course we will.
    2. Is it or isn’t it?
    3. Sentencing memo for Jackson
    4. Gag Order for Stone
    5. Who else?
  5. Reminder about Las Vegas
    1. Yeah, I have been slow this week!
    2. So sue me.

Season Seven Episode Two: *Russian Descendants of Stupidity

February 17, 2019

Bianca made it this time!  Half way through!  But she made it!

Season Seven Episode Two

  1. Ugh, Sanders is announcing

    1. Why doesn’t he GO AWAY
    2. How big does your ego have to be…
  2. Kamala and the Hot Sauce of Tupac
    1. What is ADOS?*
  3. Paulie Walnuts and His Lyin’ Lie Ways
    1. Did Paul Manafort Lie
    2. And what is his proposed sentence?
  4. Roger Stone and His Judicial Ball Gag
    1. Judge Jackson imposed a gag order
    2. But Stone will violate anyway.
  5. Wikileaks and the Proof in the Pudding
  6. Oh yeah, and some old fart declared a NATIONAL EMERGENCY
    1. At the omelet bar.
    2. There are 1,000 lawsuits already filed.
  7. VEGAS BOUND-Tee Shirts will go on sale this week.
    1. Donate to the Paypal.

Season Seven Episode One: Congressional Oversight

February 10, 2019

Bianca was ill this week so Kevin and Elizabeth spent more than an hour blabbing their way through a year's worth of news in one week.


Season Seven Episode One

  1. Oversight muthafuckas!

    1. Did Jefferies wreck Whitaker?
  2. Matt Gaetz Needs to Get Kavanaugh Beer
    1. What an asshole.
  3. News Round Up of All of Cheato’s Lawbreaking
    1. Release the transcripts
  4. Presidential Primary Follies
    1. The campaign logos
    2. Yet more people join the race.
    3. Klobuchar staff treatment
  5. Reminder about Vegas.

Season Six Episode Thirteen: The End of Season Suck

January 27, 2019

Join the Humorless Ranters as they complete this season by ranting about everything they can think of.

Season Six Episode Thirteen

  1. Remind people about Vegas
  2. The Shutdown ends!
    1. And who was a very bad boy?
    2. Also fuck you McConnell
  3. Kamala announces!
    1. Also fuck Bernie and his press worshippers.
    2. Is Kevin part of the KHive yet?
  4. Another indictment! Yay!
    1. Roger Stone
    2. Just how Fucked Is He?
    3. Really Fucked!
  5. Reminder about Vegas and the t-shirts.

Season Six Episode Twelve: The Tired Misandry Hour of Power

January 22, 2019

 sBianca and Elizabeth were back at the misandry again this week since Kevin had to go do supposedly more important things.  But we were very tired since Bianca is working seven jobs and Elizabeth can't get her sleep schedule straighten out!

Hence why this was late. Sorry!


Season Six Episode Twelve

  1. Reminder about Vegas
  2. The Census decision-never piss off a federal judge
    1. How this makes Bianca’s life harder.
  3. The Burr Hearings, wait no, Barr hearings
  4. President done told his bagman to bagman at Congress
    1. Why this is interesting.
    2. But not surprising.
    3. And we can’t wait for 2/7!
    4. Also what was up with Mueller’s denial non denial?
  5. When Cheato attempts to be petty
    1. Don’t try it with Pelosi
  6. Reminder again about Vegas!

Season Six Episode Eleven: Presidential Primary Follies

January 13, 2019

Season Six Episode Eleven


    1. The View, the Book, the Legend
    2. And the rest of the
  2. The Endless Shut Down
    1. The House Passes Everything
    2. McConnell is Cheato’s Bitch
  3. Presidential addresses
    1. Cheato’s sucked.
    2. Schumer and Pelosi
    3. Sanders sucks
    4. Stormy Daniels got more views
  4. FBI has decided to check to see if the President is a Russian Agent
    1. Nice of you to catch up with us NYTimes
  5. Weekend in Vegas

Season Six Episode Ten: Wherein Nancy Is Back

January 7, 2019

We celebrate Nancy Pelosi's return, I attempt to play way too many snippets, Bianca doesn't understand white people music, and a very poorly played Fuck, Marry, Kill with the latest crop of Presidential candidates.

Season Six Episode Nine: The Year In Review

December 30, 2018

We take a look back (while Bianca had a nap) of the century that was the past year.  There was quite a lot we missed.

Season Six Episode Eight: Breibart Columnists in Judicial Robes

December 16, 2018

Season Six Episode Seven

  1. The Women’s March’s Woes

    1. This was all self-inflicted.
  2. Nancy Schools Cheato AND Democratic Nit Wits
    1. First Cheato
    2. Then the Rebel Alliance
  3. Michael Flynn’s Sentencing Memos
    1. His was self-serving
    2. Mueller’s was “Bitch, Please.”
  4. That fucking ruling from Judge “I Don’t Know the Law”
    1. This was a really bad ruling.
    2. He knew it was so bad he didn’t even enjoin the law from working.