Season Five Episide Three Part A: Cheato’s Performance Evaluation

July 15, 2018

First 13 Russians were indicted.

Then there were 12.

And all right before Cheato's latest annual review by the boss!


Season Five Episode Two: Make Attorneys Get Attorneys

July 8, 2018

Season Five, Episode Two

  1. Imran Awan
  2. Scott Pruitt
    1. Speculation about the next one
    2. Republican Pedophile
    3. Republicans in Russia
  3. Talcum X
  4. Mueller
    1. Michael Cohen’s new lawyers
  5. Campaign Spotlight:

Season Five Episode One: Birthdays Are Not Supposed to Suck

July 1, 2018

TRIGGER WARNING: this episode has a frank discussion about suicide.  If you are needing help, please call 1-800-273-8255.  Depression is hard to cope with and it lies to you claiming you aren't wanted when you ARE.

Season Five starts with a sputter as the Humorless Trio try to grapple with the week of very negative news involving everything from Kennedy skipping town, the Capital Gazette Shooting to the utter nonsense of Manafort trying to get out of jail.

Campaign Spotlight:


Season Four Episode Thirteen: F*CK Comey

June 17, 2018

Mourn with us as Kevin explains he got kicked off Twitter but then we enjoyed Scott Walker's worst nightmare happened, talked about how Nevada gets to Pimping, Cheato's business dealing in Korea, and the worst birthday ever for Cheato (Manafort went to jail, he and his entire family got sued, and the IG said that Comey was a key factor in his winning, not his terrible method of campaigning.)

Season Four Episode Thirteen

  1. Elections

    1. Walker’s Nightmare
  2. Korea
    1. Cheato gives away the store
  4. Manafort Goes to Jail
    1. NYAG’s lawsuit on the Cheato Charity
  5. Campaign Spotlight


Season Four Episode Twelve: Jesse Does Appellate Law

June 10, 2018

We had a guest again-Jesse the Intrepid Field Reporter! Who does appellate law.  Campaign Spotlight will return next week.

Season Four Episode twelve

  1. James Wolfe
  2. Legal Shenanigans of the Alt Right
    1. Cassandra Fairbanks
    2. Chuck C. Loser
  3. MasterBigot Cake
  4. Paulie Walnuts Is Going to Jail
    1. Indictment Friday
  5. Primary Results
    1. Judicial Recalls
    2. Top Two Primaries

Season Four Episode Eleven: We Drove Ed the Editor Nuts

June 4, 2018

Sorry about the lateness but you know that the Humorless Trio tend to be enormously talk over each othery and well, we did that this week too.  We also were a disorganized mess like always!


  1. Dinesh D’Souza
  2. DOJ IG
  3. Campaign Speculation
  4. Samantha Bee
    1. JoyAnn Reid
    2. Roseanne
  5. Campaign Spotlight


Season Four Episode Ten: Joshua Holland Is A Very Patient Man

May 27, 2018

This week's episode was cursed by Cheato so it is staticy, filled with crosstalk, and Ed the Editor scolded me rightly for it.  Staring guest Josh Holland.  Enjoy!

  1. North Korea Fuck Ups
  2. Russian Update
    1. Lie-Gate
    2. Stone’s being really stupid in an email
    3. Manafort Hearing
    4. Cohen’s Business
  3. Battle For New York
  4. Racist Rewrite
  5. Campaign Spotlight


Season Four Episode Nine: Crooks And Liars

May 20, 2018

Join the Humorless Trio and their special guest Karoli as they try to sort through the massive amount of news that was dumped on all of us last week.

  1. Yet more law stuff

    1. Cohen’s objection to pro hac vic
    2. The first criminal referral on Cheato
    3. ACLU Money Honey (Attorney Fees)
  2. Russia News Dump
  3. CAP Ideas Conference: A Special Report By Onsite Reporter, Kevin
  4. Houston Kidnapping
  5. Mastertweets Theatre

Season Four Episode Eight: High Cohens and Misdemeanors

May 13, 2018

Listen to Elizabeth and Kevin spend forever and a day arguing about the Motion to Dismiss hearing in Paul Manafort's East Virginia District Court because they both are nerds with different views of the law.

Bianca had the day off otherwise we wouldn't be so boring. :D Elizabeth still would have used those bad voices.

Season Four Episode Eight High Cohens and Misdemenaors

  1. Law stuff

    1. Inappropriate Judicial ranting
    2. Michael Avenatti and his metaphorical bomb throwing
    3. DNC lawsuit against Russia and the weirdos who join it
  2. Elections and Consequences
  3. Democratic Men And the Endless Disappointments They Cause
  4. Campaign Spotlight

Season Four Episode 7: Giuliani Your Way to Court

May 6, 2018

The Humorless Trio are extra ranty this week, including an extended rant on how best to kill the Republican Party. Topics nominally include the White House Correspondents Dinner, the Mueller Questions (which weren't really Mueller's questions), Cheato's doctor gets goon squaded, and Giuliani's meltdown!

Campaign Spotlight:


  1. White House Suck Up Dinner
  2. Mueller Questions & Presidential Theft/Subpoena
  3. Rudy Guiliani and the Confession that Rocked the Casbah
  4. Justice Delayed But Not Denied Bill Cosby
  5. Campaign Spotlight
  6. Mastertweets Theatre