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Season Seven Episode Twelve

Season Seven Episode Twelve

May 13, 2019

We were on the YewTewbs again!  Only Bianca and Beth since Kevin was off having a life.

We even stuck with a planned set of topics!

Season Seven Episode Twelve: The One Before the End

  1. The Great Twitter Debate on Cleaning Your Ass

    1. This actually happened.
    2. Get a bidet, they are awesome.
    3. Who doesn’t wash their legs even if they don’t go outside?
  2. Update on the Cheato Lawsuits to Stop Oversight
    1. Has been fast tracked.
    2. Will be heard by a judge appointed by Obama.
  3. Contemptuous Democrats
    1. Ah yeah *insert that creepy Turk grinning gif here*
    2. The Judiciary voted to hold Barr in contempt.
    3. We already were to be honest.
    4. Still are.
    5. Nancy also pointed out that Congress has a jail!
  4. The Mysterious Trip to the Ukraine by Guiliani
    1. It wasn’t that mysterious.
    2. Why can’t the Dems use Chinese hacking again?
    3. More is going to come out.
  5. Georiga Has Done Lost It’s Mind.
    1. Stop trying to out do them Alabama.
    2. This bill is bonkers.
    3. No seriously, it will have weird repercussions.
    4. Ohio Sucks Too.


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Season Seven Episode Eleven: Let’s Try This Again

Season Seven Episode Eleven: Let’s Try This Again

May 5, 2019

We did a livestream on YouTube! This is the result.  Hence the terrible audio quality!



April 23, 2019

Season Seven Episode Ten: REDACTED

1. Redacted.

a. Redacted.

b. Redacted.


2. Redacted.

a. Possibly Redacted.

b. Redacted.

3. Redacted Individual

a. Redacted Individual

b. Tad Redacted

c. Stein Redacted.

4. We are all Redacted.

Season Seven Episode Nine

Season Seven Episode Nine

April 14, 2019

Season Seven Episode Nine

  1. Maxine Drags A Man

    1. Not like Mnuchin had hair so she used his balls.
    2. He did not like that at all.
  2. Bill Barr Cover Up
    1. He is so bad at claiming that he is not covering up.
    2. Also he is bad at investigating.
    3. He’s bad.
  3. Representative Massie Is Attempting The World Record In Derp
    1. Remember, a Bachelor of Arts in Science is not a Science degree
    2. Did you know Massie went to MIT?
    3. It was during the “Anyone can buy a degree for $19.99. Plus shipping and handling” era apparently.
  4. Julian Assange, the Howard Hughes of Poop smearers.
    1. Julian is out of the embassy.
    2. The cat is okay. Was given away a while ago.
    3. The charge is kind of dumb.
  5. Illhan Omar Picked Us.
    1. So stop threatening her Cheato.
  6. Bernie’s taxes.
    1. Will we ever see them?
    2. Hahaha, no.
    3. We also mock his money currently.
Season Seven Episode Eight: Computer Issues

Season Seven Episode Eight: Computer Issues

April 7, 2019

Season Seven Episode Eight

  1. Campaign Fundraising Roundup-Elizabeth

    1. Kamala got the bank.
    2. White men drooled over white men.
    3. Andrew Yang got what?
  2. Subpoenas-Kevin
    1. You damn right the House is subpoenaing that shit.
    2. Barr is like “Imma let you finish but first.”
    3. Tax returns have been requested.
  3. Media finds out they were wrong.-Elizabeth and Kevin
    1. Did that stop any of them?
    2. Of course not.
    3. Glenn and Tracey, marriage made in Moscow
  4. Election Night Review-Bianca
    1. We flipped a seat in PA.
    2. We elected a gay Black woman in Chicago.
  5. Buttchugging and Anti-Semitism-Kevin
    1. Buttchugging is anti-gay.
    2. Demanding taxes promised for four years now is not Anti-Semetic.
Season Seven Episode Seven: Belated Musings

Season Seven Episode Seven: Belated Musings

April 2, 2019

Season Seven Episode Seven

  1. The media overreacts to summaries

    1. They claimed he was exonerated.
    2. He was not.
  2. Glenn Greenwald and Michael Tracey
    1. The Dynamic Duo has no idea what is coming
    2. “We Won” but really didn’t.
  3. Mayor Pete Broke His Probation
    1. He wasn’t the only one.
    2. O’Rouke is showing his nimbleness
    3. Bernie is still canceled. As is Biden
  4. Wisconsin Supreme Court Race
    1. Gerrymandering was argued.
  5. Arizona sucks and here’s why!
    1. We had another sex scandal and this one is horrific
Season Seven Episode Six: Barbara Is Canceled

Season Seven Episode Six: Barbara Is Canceled

March 24, 2019

Season Seven Episode Six

  1. Go watch the live version.
  2. Sanders Hires Some New Staff
    1. David Sirota is a lying sack of sad
    2. Brie is also not good.
    3. That campaign manager has no idea what he did.
  3. Mayor Pete is Canceled
    1. Streisand is REALLY CANCELED
    2. No seriously, what the fuck?
  4. Mueller Report Time
    1. No Collusion No Collusion
    2. The Usual Suspects are melting down
    3. What will it reveal?
    4. And the pee tape
  5. Humorless in Milwaukee!
    1. Yes, we are going
    2. We are going to be delegates.
Season Seven Episode Four: Ellis Is An Island Unto HImself

Season Seven Episode Four: Ellis Is An Island Unto HImself

March 10, 2019

With Guest Bianca Substitute @chrisdameanor19!


Season Seven Episode Four

  1. Bigotry and How Republicans Can’t Even Vote Against It

    1. The origin of the problem.
    2. Why Republicans still suck even when we screw up.
  2. The Happy Ending that Won’t Be
    1. Cindy Yang
    2. Sex Trafficking by Republicans
    3. Which Republican was caught on video?
  3. HR 1: When Democracy Attacks
    1. Republicans are not happy about this.
    2. They think this means they will lose.
    3. They are correct.
  4. Manafort Sentencing
    1. Fuck off Judge
    2. What about Jackson?
    3. Is it true what he said?
  5. Chelsea Manning
    1. Drama Queen
    2. We still have contempt for her.
  6. Reminder, FINAL, about Las Vegas
Season Seven Episode Three: Xes Trafficking Billionaires

Season Seven Episode Three: Xes Trafficking Billionaires

March 3, 2019

Elizabeth and Kevin babble on endlessly waiting for Bianca who comes on JUST as we start talking about billionaire sex trafficking.


Season Seven Episode Three

  1. Botox Bernie

    1. Is Russia paying for his botox?
    2. How long do you think it took for the plastic surgery?
    3. Why is he lying about being a Democrat?
  2. Kraft Magic Sex Trafficking
    1. What a horrible person
    2. Who is the bigger name?
  3. North Carolina Fraud
    1. John Harris actually followed the law
    2. Mark Harris shouldn’t run again
    3. But he will.
  4. Should we wildly speculate about the end of the Mueller probe?!
    1. Of course we will.
    2. Is it or isn’t it?
    3. Sentencing memo for Jackson
    4. Gag Order for Stone
    5. Who else?
  5. Reminder about Las Vegas
    1. Yeah, I have been slow this week!
    2. So sue me.
Season Seven Episode Two: *Russian Descendants of Stupidity

Season Seven Episode Two: *Russian Descendants of Stupidity

February 17, 2019

Bianca made it this time!  Half way through!  But she made it!

Season Seven Episode Two

  1. Ugh, Sanders is announcing

    1. Why doesn’t he GO AWAY
    2. How big does your ego have to be…
  2. Kamala and the Hot Sauce of Tupac
    1. What is ADOS?*
  3. Paulie Walnuts and His Lyin’ Lie Ways
    1. Did Paul Manafort Lie
    2. And what is his proposed sentence?
  4. Roger Stone and His Judicial Ball Gag
    1. Judge Jackson imposed a gag order
    2. But Stone will violate anyway.
  5. Wikileaks and the Proof in the Pudding
  6. Oh yeah, and some old fart declared a NATIONAL EMERGENCY
    1. At the omelet bar.
    2. There are 1,000 lawsuits already filed.
  7. VEGAS BOUND-Tee Shirts will go on sale this week.
    1. Donate to the Paypal.

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