Season Three Supplemental: It was Mueller Time!

February 21, 2018

Mueller shocked all of us with his surprise indictments of 13 Russians and a guilty plea.  Join the Humorless Trio as they try to sort through this wonderful surprise.



Season Three Episode Eleven: The Kids Are Going to Save Us Idiot Adults

February 18, 2018

Join Kevin and Elizabeth as they discuss the sad news of yet another school mass shooting and the fact the surviving kids are not having this nonsense anymore. Then they talk about yet more #TrumpRussia, this time the connection to the NRA. Then they talk about mapping PA.  They make fun of Glenn Greenwald over his crankiness about Micah Lee. And finally they talk about the Republican wipeout in #GoodforFlorida's newly won seat.

Campaign spotlight:


Season Three Episode Ten: Your Maps Are Bad And You Should Feel Bad

February 11, 2018

The Dynamic Trio come back to talk about the douchiness of Pennsylvania Republicans, TrumpRussia, Milo's shenanigans in court, TWO campaign spotlights, and of course the awesome win in Missouri!

We also mock Glenn Greenwald again because he makes it really really easy.

Campaign Spotlights:



Season Three Episode Nine: McCarthyism Truthers

February 4, 2018

This week's episode is notable in how little Elizabeth (@ahumorlessfem) remembers recording it.  Nothing like a sinus infection from hell to knock you on your ass. :D The duo discuss McCarthyism, Russia, Glenn Greenwald's obsession with never being wrong no matter how ridiculous he looks, and a bunch of other things.

Also, Kevin was suspended on his old account.  Showing he learned nothing, his new account is @newcoolhandle.

No campaign spotlight this week-we forgot to include it.  As always, it is Kevin's fault. 


Season Three Episode Eight: Righteous Fury of Lawsuits

January 28, 2018

Join the Humorless Duo now Trio with Bianca @bravenakblog.  They start with Hot Man on Man action but become very responsible by discussing the shutdown (with Elizabeth @ahumorlessfem being way more bloodthirsty then normal), Chelsea Manning’s habit of partying with Nazis, Women’s Marching with field reports, and then the seemingly endless series of lawsuits for the Middle Aged Turks.

Campaign Spotlight:


Sorry about the static on Elizabeth's voice.  She is hoping Ed has resolved the problem.


Season Three Episode Seven: Crossbows of Justice

January 21, 2018

Join this week's Humorless Duo as they ramble about nothing involving politics for way too long then they start talking about Presidential affairs, House transcripts, turnout for voters and presidential buttloads. We also really mock both Glenn Greenwald and Chelsea Manning.

Tweets Articles:

Congressional candidate:

Campaign Spotlight:




Season Three Episode Six: Queen Bravenak’s State Visit

January 14, 2018

Join the Humorless Duo as they talk to their visiting guest, the Queen of Twitter, Bravenak the Brave about the year long events that took place over three days. And yes, we said Fuck Bernie as well as Sarandon. :D

Campaign Spotlight:



Season Three Episode Five: MasterTweets Theatre

January 7, 2018

The Humorless Duo is back to ramble their way through the new Fire and Fury book, the New York Times' Michael Schmidt trying to rehabilitate himself, Sessions' decision to go after weed users, and the first of a series-MasterTweets Theatre with Kevin.


And we cover the very nice Sarah Coats as our first Campaign Spotlight of the year:


Season Three Episode Four: New Year’s Eve, Now On New Year’s Day!

January 1, 2018

The Humorless Duo come back for their New Year's Eve episode by releasing it one day late on New Year's Day.  First they make fun of Walter, I mean Walter McSticklebee, I mean Walker Bragman then go over the edits that Simon and Schuster did on Milo Yiannopoulos's book and end the episode with a detailed discussion of the current polling for generic Democrats.  Spoiler, it is looking really good.

And Kevin says he thinks Harry Enten is cute.  A lot. And someone did a song about it:

Once again, sorry about Elizabeth's voice.  She is physically doing better now but her voice is still really rough. Squeak squeak.



Season Three Episode Three: A Very Humorless Christmas

December 17, 2017

The Humorless Duo is back for their first annual Chrismas episode! But first they have to gloat over Democrat Doug Jones' win in the Alabama special election to fill Jeff Sessions' Senate seat, then talk about another dumb lawsuit. Then they do a rendition of the 12 Days of Muellermas (thankfully they don't sing). 

Link to that dumb lawsuit, which is unintentionally funny:

Credit for the 12 Days of Muellermas segment:


Holiday tee:

Regular tee:

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