Humorless Rants Podcast

Season Five Episode Twelve: Built Dr. Ford Tough

September 24, 2018

Sorry about the delay folks but Ed the editor had a very exhausting week last week and needed some downtime.  I told him it was okay.


Season Five Episode Twelve

  1. Awesome patrons

    1. Lisa Talamedge
    2. Chris
    3. Admin on twitter
  2. The Whelan Theory of Sexual Assault
    1. Libel?
    2. Defamation
    3. Republican desperation?
    4. Inspector General Michael Bromwich DOJ
    5. Garrett Ventry
  3. Cohen discussions with Mueller
    1. Did you know he talked about the pardon process Cheato has?
  4. Ad withdrawals and current rankings of races
    1. Jim Knoblach withdraws campaign
    2. PA-17, Conor Lamb’s new district
    3. Paul Gosar is not welcome to thanksgiving dinner
  5. Jason Miller And the Abortion Shake
    1. Someone had sex with this guy?! THREE TIMES?
    2. When your ex is AJ Delgado.

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