Humorless Rants Podcast

Season Seven Episode Six: Barbara Is Canceled

March 24, 2019

Season Seven Episode Six

  1. Go watch the live version.
  2. Sanders Hires Some New Staff
    1. David Sirota is a lying sack of sad
    2. Brie is also not good.
    3. That campaign manager has no idea what he did.
  3. Mayor Pete is Canceled
    1. Streisand is REALLY CANCELED
    2. No seriously, what the fuck?
  4. Mueller Report Time
    1. No Collusion No Collusion
    2. The Usual Suspects are melting down
    3. What will it reveal?
    4. And the pee tape
  5. Humorless in Milwaukee!
    1. Yes, we are going
    2. We are going to be delegates.

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