Humorless Rants Podcast

Season Seven Episode Two: *Russian Descendants of Stupidity

February 17, 2019

Bianca made it this time!  Half way through!  But she made it!

Season Seven Episode Two

  1. Ugh, Sanders is announcing

    1. Why doesn’t he GO AWAY
    2. How big does your ego have to be…
  2. Kamala and the Hot Sauce of Tupac
    1. What is ADOS?*
  3. Paulie Walnuts and His Lyin’ Lie Ways
    1. Did Paul Manafort Lie
    2. And what is his proposed sentence?
  4. Roger Stone and His Judicial Ball Gag
    1. Judge Jackson imposed a gag order
    2. But Stone will violate anyway.
  5. Wikileaks and the Proof in the Pudding
  6. Oh yeah, and some old fart declared a NATIONAL EMERGENCY
    1. At the omelet bar.
    2. There are 1,000 lawsuits already filed.
  7. VEGAS BOUND-Tee Shirts will go on sale this week.
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