Humorless Rants Podcast

Season Six Episode Six: Insert Gay White Male Here

December 2, 2018


Season Six Episode Six

  1. Oh It Is On-the Stacy Abrams lawsuit

    1. Did she just smack their asses or what?
    2. Yes she did.
  2. Michael Cohen’s Truthiness
    1. New Plea!
    2. Cheato’s Fucked!
    3. Cheato’s Boss is MAD
  3. Manafort Is A Rug
    1. What happens when you LIE your ass off?
    2. While telling your co-conspirator everything?
    3. How many lives must a man spend in prison…
  4. The G20 Summit
    1. We aren’t saving the environment again.
    2. When your ex has a new bae
  5. Other Miscellaneous nonsense.

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